A bunch of people just started following me, like, people I’ve never met want to see when I post stuff.
I was never in this for followers but I still get happy when people follow me. People care about me when I have opinions? What? That is nuts.

In other news, a helpful person has informed me of another part of my identity. I am lithromantic and lithsexual, as well as general pansexuality (hearts not parts, yo). I might change my icon to have the pansexual flag in the background. Does lithromanticism have a flag? Tumblr, awaaay!

Tumblr just emailed me. I have 6 new followers. (One I know in person 1crazyteenage-dirtbag ) The other five I am currently blog stalking.


Tumblr logged me out and I was like, “AMG WATS MAH PASSWURD?” Then I remembered. Teehee.